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WNB Immobilier conseiller immobilier mediates and advise you on the purchase of your French house. We have a spacious experience: 15 years of mediation and guidance of buyers and sellers in the French real estate sector. 
We can also advise and mediate for you as a buyer. If they find a house themselves? Then we can provide the full settlement and legal guidance.
In addition, we have great architectural knowledge gained over many years of building and advise in the specific French construction, but also with knowledge of affairs from the Netherlands. 

Finally, we have also gone on the builders market and have already renovated many houses. You can view a summary of earlier work done by clicking this LINK 

Our rates: 

1.   For the sale of your house, you can advertise with us on our web site in four languages and also on the site of   Huis en Aanbod in the Netherlands. Costs € 280,= for the period of one year. Advertisement complementary on the site of € 130,= Or for the all the sites mentioned € 380,= 

2.   The valuation of your property for any other reason than for the sale. Costs € 450,= for houses with a value up to € 90,000,= above 5 per thousand of the liquidation value.

3.   Mediation and request a mortgage loan in France € 816,= If the bank refuse the loan, cost EUR 120,= 

6.   You can charge as with a search question for the ultimate house that you cannot find, for the period of one year. Cost € 180,=


Why buy in the Haute-Saône?

The unfamiliarity of the region makes the choice and the price attractive.
The landscape, with a rich history is lovely and hilly with many forests, sources, streams and rivers. In short, an ideal environment for the nature lover, you can go hiking, cycling, swimming, canoeing, golf and winter sports activities. A true nature reserve, also known as the Tuscany of France.
The continental climate, which is characterized by a general mild and beautiful autumn, hot dry summers, while the winters are strict. So all the ingredients for beautiful holidays or longer stay without the haste and the stress of normal life.
And not the slightest reason: the local population is friendly and helpful.

General information  

Our mediation and advisory office is located in the beautiful village of Bousseraucourt; this village is located in the Haute-Saône at the foot of the Vosges Mountains. 
The area of the three provinces, Haute-Saône ( Franche-Comté ), Haute-Marne ( Champagne-Ardennes ) and Les Vosges "the Vosges" (Lorraine). All our houses are located in a radius of about 60 km around this town.

Bousseraucourt -  hautesaône - franchcomté

We have a great deal off houses to start with the little ruin to renovate until the house, totally furnished of your dreams

Last update 30/01/2018   

Highlight 1
A beautiful detached villa with great garden and swimming pool in the sector of Remiremont.
Price € 260.000,=
Reference number M9648-11404

Highlight 2
beautiful, large, former rectory next to the church, with a beautiful landscaped garden and wonderful views on the Vosges.
€ 320.000,=

Highlight 3
A beautiful renovated former farmhouse located along a quiet village street with shared court.
Price: € 96.000,=
Exclusive by us
Reference Number M9696arn

Highlight 4
A beautiful former winery with high quality renovated house and many outbuildings.
Price 160.000,=
Reference number M9675-11902


WNB Immobilier  en WN-Bâtiment Siret: 434 899 886 000 23, No TVA Intracommunautaire: FR0E 434 899 886 Gérant Walther Barkmeijer, Conseiller en Immobilier, Marchand des biens, recherches, renseignements et aide à l'achat de vos biens immobiliers. Intermédiaire de vôtre prêt hypothécaire. Tous travaux de rénovations et restaurations de votre maison.
Postadres:12 Rue de la Brasserie, 70500 Bousseraucourt, Téléphone: +33 (0) 608 999 712, Email:
Nord-Sud Immo, DR HOUSE IMMO Siège social 92100 Boulogne Billancourt. Carte Professionnelle no 92/A/0543 délivrée par la Préfecture des Hauts de Seine

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