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New on the site

New on the site
Houses up to € 80.000,=
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Last update 07/02/2019

A beautifully restored, detached house with adjacent to renovate, farmhouse in the pretty village of La Basse Vaivre
Price € 120.000,=
Exclusive by us
Reference number M
A characteristic home in the centre of Vauvillers
Price € 42.500,=
Reference € M9807-18304
A beautiful character building next to the market halls of Vauvillers.
Price € 42.500,=
Reference M9806-18304
Located in his authentic town of Monthureux-sur-Saône: a beautifully restored house with garden, which is situated on the Saône
Price € 135.000,=
Reference number M9805-18305
An old farm with lots of space, central heating, sector Faverney
Price € 59.340,=
reference number M9803-18303
Situated on the village square in a quiet village, a beautiful renovated farmhouse.
Price € 66.000,=
Reference number M9736-12217
Between Luxeuil and Vesoul a beautiful, renovated and detached country house with swimming pool and large territory along quiet road.
Price € 193.000,=  Price coming down € 269.900,=
Reference number M9774-15101
A beautiful renovated farmhouse situated in the village center of a quiet village in the southern Vosge.
Price € 50.000,=
Exclusive by us
Reference number M9702-10155
Situated on the edge of the pretty village of Villars le Pautel, a beautifully renovated house with nice details and stunning views.
Reference number M9802-17935
A renovated former post agency from the time of the stage coach sector Jonvelle.
Price € 139.000,=
Reference number M9800-17456

Completely free location on a beautiful territory a renovated farm with outbuildings and forest plot.
price € 159.000,=
Reference M9801-17493
A large mansion with beautiful garden and rented office space.
Price € 98.370,=
Reference number M9743-16185
Situated in the beautiful village of Roomy a beautiful house with two apartments and outbuildings.
Price € 59.000,=
Reference number M9787-16177
A cosy cottage with three bedrooms and large garden sector Combofontaine.
Price € 50.000,=
Reference number M9784-16176
Located in the beautiful village of Sait Remy an old authentic farm.
Price € 90.000,=
Reference number M9798-17361
Situated in the quiet village of Augicourt a cosy, partially renovated village house.
Price € 47.000,=
Reference number M9797-16306
A beautiful, renovated, characteristic house with beautiful old details and large terrace with a view.
Price € 98.000,=
Reference number M9771-14932
Situated in one of the most beautiful villages of the Haute-Saône, a partly habitable farm.
Price € 36.500,=
Reference number M9735-12126
A store to renovate with lots of warehouse space and two apartments.
Price € 30.000,=
Reference number M9748-12989
Large semi-detached farmhouse with second apartment and large garden.
Price € 99.600,=
Reference number M9791-16340
A former farm with adjacent swimming pool and terraces sector Jussey
Price € 119.000,=
Reference number M9789-16246
In the beautiful village of Passavant is this former shop with a house
Price € 44.500,=
Reference 9772-14954
Situated along a quiet village street in a village in the sector Bourbonne les Bains a renovated former farm with outbuildings and large garden with orchard.
Under compromise condition for bank loan
Reference number M9776-1574
A beautiful former winery with high quality renovated house and many outbuildings.
Price 149.000,=
Reference number M9675-11902
A large old farm with beautiful grounds must be completely renovated.
Price € 22.500,=
Reference number M9786-16222
A beautiful house partially bordered, with two spacious apartments
Price € 59.500,=
Reference number M9785-16175
Situated in a small hamlet of Hennesel, a former farm partly renovated.
Price € 76.900,=
Reference number M9780-15629
Situated in the outskirts of a quiet village with shops, a beautiful villa with swimming pool on enclosed grounds.
Price 262,000, =
Reference number M9783-15730
Completely free located on the outside of the village a completely renovated house with all amenities.
Price: € 199.000,=
Reference number M9773-15018
Beautifully situated in the suburb of Jussey this spacious villa with large garden and beautiful view.
Price € 108.900,=
Reference number M9775-15171
A beautiful free-standing, authentic house with beautiful old details and renovated with great quality.
Price € 252.000,=
Reference number M9769-14903
A beautifully renovated water mill dating from 1760, located on the Saône in a lovely spot.
Price € 370.000,=
Reference number M9767-14842
Situated in the beautiful and quiet village of Montcourt, a beautiful and authentic farm manor dating from 1766
Price € 189.900,=
Reference number M9768-14624
A beautiful detached farm with large plot
Price  € 95.000,=
Reference number M9761-14569
A beautiful farmhouse with large garden on the south.
Price € 126.800,=
reference number M9724-11443
A beautiful, large, former rectory next to the church, with a beautiful landscaped garden and wonderful views
Price € 286.000,=
Reference number M9665
A cosy house, partly to renovate. With a nice view and large territory.
Price € 30.000,=
Reference number M0691-14141
A semi-detached farm to renovate in a quiet village in the southern Vosges.
Price € 26.000,=
Reference number M9757-13665
The oldest house of Bousseraucourt dating from 1696 with lots of space
Price € 32.000,=
Reference number M9751-13055

A cozy farmhouse renovated to B&B situated along little stream just after the source of the River Maas. For the horse lovers there it is possible to rent 53404m² of meadows with two barns on it..
Price € 170.000,=
Reference number M9642-13784
A completely detached characteristic farm on the upper course of the Meuse.
Price € 34.500,=
Reference number M9749-12990
Because of upcoming retirement for sale good running hotel restaurant with spacious apartment.
Price € 163.500,=
Reference number M9747-12894
A store to renovate with lots of warehouse space and two apartments.
Price € 50.000,=
Reference number M9748-12989
A well renovated, detached home long a very quiet road, with a beautiful territory.
Price € 95.000,=
Reference number M9734-11824
A beautiful, old detached farmhouse with large grounds along a quiet road.
Price € 76.500,=
Reference number M9725-11823

A beautiful corner house, the last of two houses with beautiful views.
Price € 72.500,=
Reference number M9728-11488
A beautiful detached villa with great garden and swimming pool in the sector of Remiremont.
Price € 250.000,=
Reference number M9648-11404
Situated in the cozy village of La Basse-Vaivre this beautifully renovated, semi-detached farmhouse with swimming pool and plenty of space.
Price € 113.000,= 
Reference number M9715-10937
A partially renovated house in the village of Damrémont in the Haute-Marne
Price € 55.000,=
Reference number M9704-10495
Village house with 4 rooms and spacious garden with view in the quiet village of Villars le Pautel
price € 74.900,=
Exclusive by us
Reference number M9703-10395
Semi-detached natural stone house with lots of space and a beautiful site with views.
Price € 139.000,=
Reference number M9698-10152
A partly renovated double house situated at the end of the village with beautiful views.
Price € 65.000,=
Reference number M9699-9779
A beautiful, large, former rectory next to the church, with a beautiful landscaped garden and wonderful views
Price € 320.000,=
Reference number M9665
A former detached school completely renovated. With a large living an apartment, a cinema and a lot of space on almost 1Ha territory. 
Price € 395.000,=
Reference number M9647
At the edge of a charming village, in the sector Corre, along the river Saône and  the Canal de l'Est  this large, to renovate corner farmhouse with garden on the Canal.
Price: € 45,000,=
Reference number M9638


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