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Last update 17/05/2018

A beautiful, renovated, characteristic house with beautiful old details and large terrace with a view.
Price € 123.000,=
Reference number M9771-14932
A beautiful free-standing, authentic house with beautiful old details and renovated with great quality.
Price € 252.000,=
Reference number M9769-14903
A beautifully renovated water mill dating from 1760, located on the Saône in a lovely spot.
Price € 395.000,=
Reference number M9767-14842
Situated in the beautiful and quiet village of Montcourt, a beautiful and authentic farm manor dating from 1766
Price € 189.900,=
Reference number M9768-14624
A beautiful detached farm with large plot
Price  € 95.000,=
Reference number M9761-14569
A beautifully renovated semi-detached house in the lovely village of Villars le Pautel.
Price € 98.000,=
reference number M9762-14169
A beautiful farmhouse with large garden on the south.
Price € 149.000,=
reference number M9724-11443
A beautiful, large, former rectory next to the church, with a beautiful landscaped garden and wonderful views
Price € 286.000,=
Reference number M9665
A cosy house, partly to renovate. With a nice view and large territory.
Price € 30.000,=
Reference number M0691-14141
A partially habitable, double farm with many outbuildings and almost 1Ha land.
Price € 66.000,=
Reference number M9753-13216
A semi-detached farm to renovate in a quiet village in the southern Vosges.
Price € 26.000,=
Reference number M9757-13665
In the lovely village of Martinvelle lies this completely renovated old farmhouse with a beautiful garden.
Price € 93.000,=
Reference number M9756-13383
The oldest house of Bousseraucourt dating from 1696 with lots of space
Price € 32.000,=
Reference number M9751-13055

A cozy farmhouse renovated to B&B situated along little stream just after the source of the River Maas. For the horse lovers there it is possible to rent 53404m² of meadows with two barns on it..
Price € 170.000,=
Reference number M9642
A beautiful renovated  large barn on a spacious plot with a view of the Saône along a small road without traffic that runs to the river.
Price € 60.000,=
Reference number M9754-13254
A partially habitable, double farm with many outbuildings and almost 1Ha land.
Price 66.000,=
Reference number M9753-13216
A completely detached characteristic farm on the upper course of the Meuse.
Price € 44.000,=
Reference number M9749-12990
Because of upcoming retirement for sale good running hotel restaurant with spacious apartment.
Price € 163.500,=
Reference number M9747-12894
A store to renovate with lots of warehouse space and two apartments.
Price € 50.000,=
Reference number M9748-12989
Situated on the village square in a quiet village, a beautiful renovated farmhouse.
Price: € 115.000,=
Reference number M9736-12217
a beautifully restored, detached house with adjacent to renovate, farmhouse in the pretty village of La Basse Vaivre
Price € 130.000,=
Exclusive by us
Reference number M9687bel
A beautiful renovated farmhouse situated in the village center of a quiet village in the southern Vosge.
Price € 79.000,=
Exclusive by us
Reference number M9702-10155
A well renovated, detached home long a very quiet road, with a beautiful territory.
Price € 95.000,=
Reference number M9734-11824
A beautiful, old detached farmhouse with large grounds along a quiet road.
Price € 86.500,=
Reference number M9725-11823
A beautiful former winery with high quality renovated house and many outbuildings.
Price 160.000,=
Reference number M9675-11902

A beautiful corner house, the last of two houses with beautiful views.
Price € 90.000,=
Reference number M9728-11488
A beautiful farmhouse with large grounds, horse boxes and a heated swimming pool
Price €448.000,=
Reference number M9727-11498
A beautiful farmhouse with large garden on the south.
Price € 157.000,=
reference number M9724-11443
A beautiful detached villa with great garden and swimming pool in the sector of Remiremont.
Price € 250.000,=
Reference number M9648-11404
An old renovated farmhouse from 1693 with a lot of sanding, outbuildings and a spacious plot.
Price € 88.000,=
Reference number M9716-11062
Situated in the cozy village of La Basse-Vaivre this beautifully renovated, semi-detached farmhouse with swimming pool and plenty of space.
Price € 135.000,= 
Reference number M9715-10937
A partially renovated house in the village of Damrémont in the Haute-Marne
Price € 55.000,=
Reference number M9704-10495
Village house with 4 rooms and spacious garden with view in the quiet village of Villars le Pautel
price € 80.000,=
Exclusive by us
Reference number M9703-10395
Semi-detached natural stone house with lots of space and a beautiful site with views.
Price € 139.000,=
Reference number M9698-10152
A partly renovated double house situated at the end of the village with beautiful views.
Price € 65.000,=
Reference number M9699-9779
A beautiful renovated former farmhouse located along a quiet village street with shared court.
Price: € 85.000,=
Exclusive by us
Reference Number M9696arn
A detached, farmhouse with nice garden in the sector Corre
Price € 45.000,=
Reference number M9692sci

a beautifully renovated, detached house with two apartments in the quiet village of Levécourt Haute-Marne.
Price € 129.000,= 
Exclusive by us
Reference number M9670leve
a beautiful house situated completely free on a quiet cul-de-sac with many grounds in the surroundings off Fayl Billot.
Price € 138.000,=
Exclusive by us
Reference number M9660
On the outskirts of the quiet village of Parnot lies this lovely, former farmhouse on a large plot.
Price € 56.000,=
Exclusive by us
Reference number M9688
A beautiful, characteristic and very spacious house. Built of natural stone with park-like, walled garden, Vauvillers sector.
Price € 170.000,=
Reference number M9685bonj

A Manor to renovate. An old monumental building, former Maison de Maître in the old center of the thermal city Bourbonne les Bains dating back to the middle of the 18th century.
Price € 75.000,=
Reference number M9674dan
a lovely character house of which the conversion must be finished. Situated in a little village with 82 inhabitants in the sector Voisey 
Price € 65.000,=
Reference number M9673
A partially renovated farmhouse in a small village in the Vosges on the border with the Haute-Saône.
Price € 33.600,=
Reference number M9669
In the old center of a typical Vosges village lays this spacious house.
Price € 30.000,=
Reference number M9668
A beautiful, large, former rectory next to the church, with a beautiful landscaped garden and wonderful views
Price € 320.000,=
Reference number M9665
A large house with plenty of space and a beautiful view.
Price: € 156.000,=
reference number M9663
Situated in a beautiful, quiet village in the sector Corre, a nice refurbished terraced house with large garden
Price € 39.000,=
reference number M9655
A former detached school completely renovated. With a large living an apartment, a cinema and a lot of space on almost 1Ha territory. 
Price € 395.000,=
Reference number M9647
This charming traditional cottage is situated in a small village in the Haute-Marne
Price: € 28.000,=
Reference number M9645
At the edge of a charming village, in the sector Corre, along the river Saône and  the Canal de l'Est  this large, to renovate corner farmhouse with garden on the Canal.
Price: € 45,000,=
Reference number M9638
A cosy, fully detached house with plenty of space and a beautiful garden with view after some pruning. Sector Vauvillers.
Price € 69,000,=
Reference Number M9626



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